Working Capital and the Pulse of your business

Tracking Your Business Pulse Calculating and following working capital - at regular intervals - is a practice employed by the most successful business managers. 

The Business Pulse Calculator - besides giving you the pulse of your business - helps you gain better fiscal control over cash, inventory, and receivables.

  1. Gather your data    2. Enter data in our Excel template   3. View working capital available!

Business Bankers and Lenders, take note!

For accountants that do more than just tax accounting!

Business owners: Manage and control your business instead of just reacting to crises.

How often do you have customers that are working capital (liquidity) savvy? How much easier is it to get approvals if your customers track working capital and have a plan to build it - reducing your risk?

Encourage your customers to use the Business Pulse Calculator. In the alternative, we can design a Business Pulse Calculator for your specific uses. It will help you manage your accounts receivable and inventory loans and do it in a way that incorporates your particular credit culture.

Most of your customers need better fiscal management of their cash, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable - not to mention getting a grip on their working capital and its changes.

 The Business Pulse Calculator allows you to help them meet these needs. In addition, since most businesses are users of bank credit, you can help them with a plan that increases working capital (liquidity) and get them on the road to lower rates, better terms, and better banking relationships.   


Too often business owners and managers just bumble along without any idea of their financial strengths or weaknesses. In addition, they often have no established practices for adequate fiscal control over cash, accounts receivable, inventory or accounts payables. Without this fiscal control and without a real grasp of working capital, its changes, and its sufficiency, you often get the worst rates and terms when you need credit. In addition, you are in no position to negotiate or expect anything better. 

The Business Pulse Calculator provides a way to more successful navigate the potholes of the modern financial landscape. 


The Business Pulse Calculator puts you on a path to far greater financial and management savvy.

Let us coach you in how to use the template, what your pulse means to your specific business and how building working capital can be leveraged for greater business success...

Just so you know...the creators of the Business Pulse Calculator (Ken Stavast and Benjamin Gisin) have decades of business consulting and top level banking expertise. We've been around the block and look forward to helping you do the same.


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The Business Pulse Calculator

Most business owners and managers do some financial self-analysis and may have some idea about fiscal management of cash, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable. However, as you go up the ladder in terms of successful companies, you discover that financial analysis and fiscal management actually represents a very large universe.

 It is not uncommon, however, that owners and managers fall short of effectively managing/understanding these areas and how to leverage them for greater profitability, security and survival.

The Business Pulse Calculator is the first step on the path upwards:

 Achieving first steps towards loss prevention.

  1. Achieve understanding that “working capital” (liquidity) strength opens many doors of opportunity in the business landscape.
  2. An MRI (x-ray) of your business.
  3. Feel good and excited about looking at your finances.
  4. Business strength goes far beyond a bank balance.

A few years back, when visiting with an accomplished banker, he said the most important financial concept for any business to understand is simply – “working capital, working capital, working capital.”

In other words, business able to master their actions/activities in ways that build working capital are those that really “part the waters” in the business world.