What's New

September 12, 2011

WinOne VB 2011 has recently been update to include new feature for multiple check number sequences within a given checking account. It work quite well and here's a brief explanation.

If you use one range of numbers for general expenses, another for e-commerce checks, another for the hand or pocket checks, and yet another for payroll checks. Do the following.

Record transactions in one series using that range of numbers. As long as you continue the next check number will be displayed. When you switch to a new sequence, notice that the check number needs to be edited to the new sequence. Drag your mouse thru the number to edit. Enter the new number and proceed. Then save the check. As you start the next check the number will have advanced to what should be the correct check number. If not and you are recording out of sequence, just edit the number again and move forward.

This routine can also be used for the deposit number sequence.

March 23, 2011

We will soon be starting an bold approach for accounts receivable statement and service charge processing. We are looking for beta users to help out if you are interested.



February 27, 2010

WinOne VB for agriculture and small business, has several new features to help United States employers track employee I-9 information.

Within the employee information screen we have added the ability to scan and save images of require documents to work in the United States. Proof of citizenship documents, green card, drivers license, pass ports, birth certificates etc.

Lists A, B and C can now be fully documented. Information and document images can be retrieved in seconds. Very helpful should you be audited, with will soon be a fairly common issue.

We make note: These documents (in addition to the I-9)are required of all employee working for any business, agriculture or other industries.



June 26, 2009

We listen to your needs and feedback. In doing so we announce the addition of two products:

www.simplifymypayroll.com : is a service to help owners and managers with payroll to help file government agency payroll reports. The following reports are included, 941, 943, SUTA and FUTA. Take a moment and visit this new site addressing (sorry, only United States at this time) payroll reporting issues and helps.

www.probizplanner.com : This 5 year business planner is an excel spreadsheet template that lets you put in your current financial data (profit / loss and balance sheet) and then enter where you want to be in 5 years.

Simply press the calculate option and get the following reports. Profit / Loss (Revenue and Expense statement), balance sheet, cash flow statements for each of the 5 years, sales figures that you can break down to quarterly and monthly formats.

Limited Time: Free Web Advertising of your business or products!

For a limited time, with each purchase of the Pro Biz Planner, one year of FREE ADVERTISING (classified or display ad depending on version purchased) of your business on the web. Plan your goals and we will help promote your business to achieve what you want financially.


What's New: October 25,2008

ASAP Checks, Forms and Supplies are now Fiance and Payroll ready!

ASAP Check and forms are now compatiable for Ag-Finance and Ag-Payroll. Click on the ASAP logo below for details. W-2's and 1099's printing for 2008, will soon be available as well.

ASAP Checks and Forms

Bend Our Ear
Bend our ear training is now available for Windows. This training will help you get the maximum return on your investment in your Countryside Data software. Don't wait another minute. Order it right now!

The ONE!!!
The Windows version is now available and in two configurations: WinOne VB and WinOne +- they are both winners! Call now for details on special pricing for our current customers and introductory offers for new customers. You can reach us at 208.523.2641 or 800.953.1099

New Dealer Consultant Program - Countryside Solution Center
Countryside Solutions Centers is an exciting way to show clients and customers the current product lineup as well as some out of this world updates and new products soon to be released. If you are interested in this opportunity call or e-mail us today.

New! OEM Private label branding program.

We have a new OEM/Private Label/Vertical market branding program. Ask us how our software coupled with your product or service can maximize your profits and maximize your customer's satisfaction.

Business and Agriculture...Laser check formats from Deluxe Checks. The Finance and Payroll packages have had laser check capabilities for a couple of years...now we have a complete line of checks available...with easy ordering.