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Tell-A-Friend and make some additional money! It's Easy ...1,2,3

 Internet users  Step #1
 Step #2...then
Step #3 Tell the world...!
  •  - save money or even make money.
  • View our products and find those that are of interest to you.
  • Share with friends our web site or product information.
  • Then...Step #1
  • purchase any of our products
  • and receive a 10% discount off the selling price for that product when using our web page.
  • Let your friends or associates know about our outstanding products and services.
  • When they order and include the serial number from your software, we will send you a check for 10% of the purchase price!
  • (Use your PayPal account to get paid even faster.)


  • Shared with as many of your friends or associates as you wish.
  • The more people you tell, the more money you can make!
  • Earn back your entire purchase price...or more!
  • No limits to the money you can make!

Tell a Friend - Bonus dollars!

WinOne VB intro...Jan 15, 2014 until May 1, 2014

Computer and Software resellers, consultants, CPA's, Bookkeepers etc.

  • To kick off our Tell-A-Friend promotion, receive 20% for each order we receive from your referrals.
  • Remember, your software serial number must be included to qualify you for the bonus!
  • Now's the time to help spread the word and get extra bucks...
  • Get paid faster using your PayPal account.
  • Computer or software businesses, agricultural or business consultants-dealerships are available!
  • a limited number of dealer locations available!
  • Call today for details.1-800-953-1099
  • or email to: