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Using the Business Pulse Calculator for working capital

Posted by administrator on Friday, January 29th, 2016

The Business Pulse Calculator

Most business owners and managers do some financial self-analysis and may have some idea about fiscal management of cash, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable. However, as you go up the ladder in terms of successful companies, you discover that financial analysis and fiscal management actually represents a very large universe.

 It is not uncommon, however, that owners and managers fall short of effectively managing/understanding these areas and how to leverage them for greater profitability, security and survival.

The Business Pulse Calculator is the first step on the path upwards:

 Achieving first steps towards loss prevention.

  1. Achieve understanding that “working capital” (liquidity) strength opens many doors of opportunity in the business landscape.
  2. An MRI (x-ray) of your business.
  3. Feel good and excited about looking at your finances.
  4. Business strength goes far beyond a bank balance.

A few years back, when visiting with an accomplished banker, he said the most important financial concept for any business to understand is simply – “working capital, working capital, working capital.”

In other words, a business able to master their actions/activities in ways that build working capital are those that really “part the waters” in the business world.

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