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Countryside Data's new Contract Labor Firm Payroll Addition

Posted by ken on Friday, February 15th, 2013


We are pleased to announce that our WinOne VB and WinOne VB+ payroll has been updated to now include Contract Labor Firm needs.

The check stub used is now a long form voucher and check. Two versions are available. Stub, check or check stub. (used only for payroll checks)

The payroll stub includes tasks paid, with-holdings, and the farms worked on during the current payroll period. The farms worked on is an extension of our enterprise area. When an enterprise is setup and marked as a customer / client as well. This data will appear on the employee's check form.

The voucher also, indicates payroll start and end date of the payroll period and date paid.

Payroll transactions reports can also now be sorted by task, employee, Enterprise (farm, vineyard, orchard etc worked on) for billing purposes as well.

Contract Labor Firm - Payroll Check


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