Countryside Data markets a variety of Agri-Business Systems software. Our
Agri-Business Systems software has been designed to meet all of your company's bookkeeping and financial management needs. Here are some of the features of our Agri-Business Systems Software.


General Ledger:
  • Check writing
  • Budget monitoring
  • Cash or accrual accounting
  • Store: prices, quantities, enterprise records
  • Records kept in balance
  • Help messages when problems arise
  • Reports: transaction listing, account summary, trial balance, cash flow budget & actual comparison, balance sheet, book/market value comparative balance sheet, comparative balance sheet, profit/loss budget, profit/loss actual, profit/loss budget/actual comparison, unlimited overhead codes, break-even, fixed costs vs variable costing
  • Unlimited enterprise codes (depts, locations, etc.)
  • Income and expense accounts (9,999)
  • Asset and liability accounts (9,999)
  • Ratio analysis
  • Plus many more features!
  • Management reports with trends and graphics
  • Payment methods: hourly, multiple price rates, salary, overtime, commissions
  • Calculates up to 8 different types of payroll deductions for items such as:
  •  FICA,
  •  Federal tax,
  •  State tax, 
  •  local tax,
  •  unemployment insurance,
  •  workman's compensation insurance
  •  employee health insurance,
  •  advances,
  •  saving/investment plans,
  •  user defined
  • Summarized labor reports at any time: summary by job, task or pay type, W-2 summary info for W-3, 941,943 or 944 as they apply to your business.
  • Track I-9 information for list a, b and c
  • Transfers data directly to General Ledger for total business costing or by enterprise, profit center, customer or project.
  • New tax reporting services-export w-2's to Excel for electronic filing if needed...
  • Simple to use payroll software
  • New long payroll voucher check forms for contract labor firms.
  Profit Planner
  • Enterprise profit & loss
  • Determine loan requirements
  • Calculates interest & principle payments
  • Determines minimum cash balance
  • Break evens by: sales, dollars, units, products, location
  • Profit planning
  • Budget building
  • Reports

Accounts Receivable
  • All standard A/R features for a service business.