Excel 5 year business planner


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Craze Fast - 5 year planning you have wanted or needed to do.

  • New projects
  • Workout situations
  • Bankruptcy or re-organizations
  • What's it going to take to get to new levels
  • Impact of stimulus money for your business
  • Capital investments  impact on your business
  • 2014 updated graphics
  • 2014 New actual vs plan
  • Additional reporting

A valuable tool: powerful decisions.

  • business owners
  • managers
  • students
  • business consultants
  • accountants, bookkeepers and certified bookkeepers
  • Investors
  • financiers
  • bankers
  • bankruptcy attorneys
To Be Planner 4
            5 year Balance Sheet
To Be Planner 1

Profit / Loss or Revenue Statements

To Be Planner 2

Sales Projections each of the 5 years

To Be Planner 3

Sales by year, quarter, month

Easy Business Planner


It's Easy,To Discover Your Pathway To Business Financial Success...
here's how to do it!


6 Steps to your pathway for business financial success !
  • A Powerful, simple template. Excel spreadsheet required.
  • Collect financial data and input info for your current or planned business.
  • Answer a few questions about your business on our interview page.
  • Know where your business is now and where you want it to be financially.
  • Click Calculate...and your business strategy plan is ready..
  • It's just that simple...

Consider the following statements by Thomas S. Monson

  • When we deal in generalities, you will rarely succeed!
  • When we deal in specifics, you rarely fail!
  • When specifics are recorded, performance improves!
How to transition your business from the here and now to the potential future of tomorrow!



New and updated for 2014 -

Dynamic Graphics with Planned vs Actual Comparisons 

Our improved and updated 2014 Business Pro Pack 5 year planner.

  Provides projections and insight for your business:
  Now, compare plan vs actual and enhanced graphics!

(Start with what you know...the planner will fill in the rest.)

  • profit /loss
  • balance sheet
  • Cash-flow
  • Graphics
  • Quarterly and Monthly breakdown
  • Break-Even units and Sales goal units

Three Business Planning Versions

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Dyno- mite

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