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    • November 15, 2012 - WinOne VB payroll add's enterprise /task report generator. Ideal for farmers, ranchers, orchards, vineyards, contract labor firms and agri-business. Updated Sept 1, 2013 - Rapid payroll input form-January 2015 - Total hours added to screen view in payroll - sort reports by number or alpha.

    • 2016 Payroll issues with FICA, resolved. 6.2% employee part. 2015 withholding tables are now available. Call or email to get the download pdf. 2016 withholding tables are available as of December 19, 2016

    • Is Cloud Computing in your future? If yes, let us know: cdizibpans@gmail.com

  • WinOne VB payroll, is a simple payroll software that does multiple states per employee.
    • WinOne VB is a easy to use, yet powerful accounting or bookkeeping software program for farmers, ranchers, agri-business, contract labor firms, orchards, vineyards and live stock operations. (Beef and Dairy)

Expanded Market Place area searching, larger viewing area, regions or local area markets...Founders Special. December 1, 2015  Check out our expanded classified and display ad's for solutions to your problems or challenges.

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Progressive Operators

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Blue Ribbon Premier support packages now include:

  • a priority phone number
  • free life time updates
  • customized reports
  • pre-release versions of updates
  • optional payroll reporting service 
  • 2016...tax tables - FICA / Social Security percentages.



-Accounting and Payroll Solutions for Farms,Ranches and agri-business
Pro Biz Planner

Farmers, ranchers, agri-business leaders, producers and rural business have used Countryside Data's, ag-finance, bookkeeping (accounting), ag-payroll software and support for over 31 years. Our recently updated WinOne VB 2016 is now available! Designed for Agriculture's unique needs, with a personal touch. Say good bye to Quickbooks, Red Wing and Peachtree. 

  • Easy to use 
  • Powerful functions
  • Non-accountant users
  • For, Banker or Tax Man
  • Crops Operations
  • Livestock Operations
  • Orchards
  • Vineyard
  • Cash or Accrual
  • Book and Market Value
  • Check writing or after the fact
  • On the farm or off farm business

Income / expenses tracked... by enterprise, crop, field, head or off the farm.

  • Enterprise
  • Crop
  • Field
  • Farm
  • Head
  • Budget Cash-Flow
  • Actual Cash-Flow
  • Book or Market Profit-Loss
  • Book or Market Balance Sheet
  • Enterprise Profit-Loss
  • Break-even Price
  • Break-even Yield
  • Bank Reconcile
  • Transactions listings
  • Account Summary
  • Invoicing
  • 1099's

Agriculture Payroll: Enterprise costing, Employee I-9 Tracking.

WinOne and WinOne VB payroll does the everyday payroll tracking by employee, enterprise, expense costing, in addition we track the I-9 information (list A, B and C) along with scanned copies of each document,green cards and other employee documentation along with expiration dates of each.

New with WinOne VB 2013, data can be entered for each  employee document and / or scan an image. Then save that document image with the employee file. These records are invaluable for Homeland Security audits. Updated and improved invoicing.

New with WinOne VB payroll as of December 5, 2015 - Import hours and units from "On Demand" time clock system. Saving input time when doing payroll checks...Also December 5, 2015 if you have over 50 W-2's, WinOne VB payroll software exports to an excel file so that 3rd party software can upload electronic w-2's for Federal, Social Security and State agencies. 

Expanded graphics for cash flow budget, cash flow actual, compare budget to actual for cash flow. Profit / Loss statements viewed by graphics...see it in picture format.

WinOne VB 2015-16 and WinOne VB+ 2015-16 for agriculture, are the ones to consider.

Customer feedback:
Thank you for always being so quick to help when I need you. - Vivian - Montana May 2016

I just wanted to say how well the WinOne program works for me. I like the amount of information available from all of the reports and how well the payroll works. It seems to be a very stable and user friendly program. Thanks.B.T. from Minnesota - June 2016
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